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A content library is a great way to centrally store all of your content instead of having it spread out all over the internet.

I draft my blogs, newsletters, and a whole bunch of other stuff in Google Drive. I could draft blogs straight into WordPress. My newsletters directly into MailChimp. It’s what I used to do. And to be honest, it does save time.

But as the years have gone by, I’ve become a little bit nervous about having my content scattered across different platforms, without a single home base for it. Moving digitally from one place to another or switching focus, I would sometimes find myself without an easily searchable, viewable archive of the work I’d produced.

I tried using MS word and Dropbox to create a centralised system, but it felt messy. Now finally, I’ve found a system that I love. And even better – it’s FREE.

How to build a content library like mine

Everything is centralised in Google Drive:

  • Content Plan (a Drive Spreadsheet)
  • Content folder (a folder in Google Drive with these subfolders)
    • Blogs (folder)
      • Published Blogs (folder)
      • Draft post (Drive document)
    • Newsletters (folder)
      • Published Newsletters (folder)
      • Draft newsletter (Drive document)
    • Opt-ins
    • Procedures

You can add in folders and subfolders for all of your stuff. Once you’ve published a piece, move it into the Published folder. That way you have a quick glance at what you’re working on at any one time.

Bonuses for future content creation

By creating in Google Drive, I’m now building up a content library where things are more central instead of spread out across various platforms. I feel more organised, more in control of what is where.

In conjunction with a Content Plan Spreadsheet, I can link the content I’ve created via URL into the spreadsheet, making everything integrated and turning my Content Plan into something that more closely resembles a database.

I know that when it comes time to repurpose content for books, or even new platforms, I’ve got an easier way of sorting through my current work and collating it into something useable. I’m hoping future Stevie thanks present Stevie for consolidating everything into one place.