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White space between the bottom of the email content and the footer (with the unsubscribe button)…

I recently saw an email from a well-known person in the coaching space who was putting white space between her sign off and the email footer.  So if you just scrolled to the sign off, you’d think that was the end of the email. That there wasn’t any more content.

But there was. There was the footer. Scrolling down more, I finally found the footer. And the footer is important because it contains your list information. And it contains the UNSUBSCRIBE button.

I totally understand wanting to make it look more “personal”. i.e. not from a list.

But this white-space padding approach is a bit untruthful.

Sure, this person wasn’t hiding the unsubscribe option, technically, but it is making it harder to find. It almost feels like you don’t want people to unsubscribe.

Maybe it works for that person but think about it this way: if you make it hard for people to unsubscribe, then people who aren’t interested in your content anymore are going to be deadweights on your list. They are not going to open your emails, possibly even filtering them out as spam because it seemed easier to set up a filter than it was to unsubscribe.

Your open rates are not going to look so great.

What you’re saying is that you want them to believe an illusion that it’s not from a list and that they can’t unsubscribe. 

That feels kinda crummy. Even if it wasn’t your intention.