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Getting one month ahead in your content can seem like a dream, especially if you find an impending deadline super motivational.

There’s nothing quite like the rush of pressing “publish” or “send campaign” as the minutes count down to the deadline. It can make you feel like an action hero, saving the day at the very last second.

I totally get it. I’m waaay too familiar with it myself. But I’m changing that. Because we all know that while deadlines are certainly motivating, we don’t usually do our best work under such intense pressure.

In a previous life I was an organised student on track for a career in academia. I never did anything the night before. All my assignments, exam preparation, everything, was meticulously planned out weeks in advance.

So, I’m going back to those techniques with my content creation. While at university I wasn’t creating as many pieces of content, I feel some of the basic principles still apply.

And I want to bring you with me. I want to help others who struggle to get ahead in their content totally nail it and get one month ahead.

That’s why I’m launching the One Month Ahead podcast!

If you’re reading this blog post the day it goes live, there are already 3 episodes of the One Month Ahead Podcast ready for your ears.

You can listen via iTunes

Or find episodes on my website

I hope you enjoy it.