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Camera focusSometimes you have a lot to squeeze into a newsletter, but it’s great if you can have one main theme or overarching point that extends right the way through, rather than a mish-mash of random bits and pieces.

Think of your newsletter like a photo or a painting

What is it that you’re trying to convey? What’s in the foreground? What’s in focus?

A focus can be a topic or a theme or even an emotion. I’m not the boss of your creativity. But choose something to make your newsletter one coherent piece.

It’s okay to be a bit obvious with your theme/focus as well. People reading your newsletter aren’t going to be rummaging around in your text to find the themes.┬áIt’s okay to be a little bit blunt.

Even if you have quite a few items to include, try and tie them together. Or leave something out if it doesn’t fit and isn’t timely. Composition is key.

If something really doesn’t fit, try not to shoehorn it in. Leave it on your list of content to go out another day. Perhaps find a theme or a message in that item to based your next newsletter around.