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“I did a lot today. That is, I did something. The only thing I have ever done. I pressed a button. It took the entire willpower, the accumulated strength of my entire existence, to press one damned OFF button.”

Ursula K Le Guin The Lathe of Heaven


Are you procrastinating on sending out your newsletter to your folks?


I GET it.

Our reluctance to send updates to our email list is sometimes linked to the fact that we think we have nothing to say.

“I spend my days working. I’m so boring.”

“I’ve only got my latest offer/product update. That’s too salesy for a newsletter.”

Melbourne sunshineTotally. But one thing I’ve found really helps is to do something different.

Chained to your desk? Go out and check out your local park. Get some sunshine.

If you can’t get out doors, for whatever reason, try mixing up your routine. Wear a silly hat or a scarf, try a different tea. Think about the feeling of doing something different.

Here’s me going for a walk in one of Melbourne’s awesome parks. This wasn’t today – today’s weather is very blech. But this photo just screams summer to me, even though I’m poorly lit by the harsh sun in front, the background brings me joy.

Even if you don’t write about that particular experience, it’s simple shake up that might just bring something useful to the surface.

If you still come up with nothing, check out my 10 newsletter ideas for creatives.