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laptop-691208_1280We’re told to “write a catchy email subject line”, but some days it can be like pulling teeth.

Here’s a list of 9 email subject line suggestions that you can either modify to suit your topic and your voice or outright steal.


1. As easy as pie (something)


Everyone loves pie (probably), so this one is an automatic winner.


As easy as pie outfit coordination

As easy as pie brush cleaner

As easy as pie landing page design


2. Massive…


Use this word only when you have big news, otherwise it’ll just feel cheap.


Massive announcement!

Massive news from my studio

Massive awesomeness, I landed my dream retailer


3. Cute…


I love cute things. You probably do too. The promise of cute things in my inbox is pretty much intoxicating.


Cute outfit combinations with this basic dress

Cute items for your lounge room

Cute printables for your vision board


4. A compact guide to…


I LOVE this subject line. It’s so enticing. Everyone loves a free guide, especially when it promises to be compact.


A compact guide to perfect jewellery combinations

A compact guide to vision boards

A compact guide to loving each morning


5. The silliness of (problem)


The word “silliness” is a great way to take the power out of a problem. It’s so flippant, it’s even fun to say.


The silliness of a messy wardrobe

The silliness of ragged brushes

The silliness of being tired


6. Effortless…


Got something easy to share? The word “effortless” is far more evocative than “easy”.


Effortless capsule wardrobe

Effortless living room decoration

Effortless vision board


7. The small-scale approach to (something)


Kind of like “compact guide”, the small-scale approach appeals to our love of small things.


The small-scale approach to a capsule wardrobe

The small-scale approach to home decorating

The small-scale approach to designing your blog


8. The little guide to un-something


Un-something is always a winner for me, especially if it’s not technically a word or a better word could sit in its place. But the point of this headline is to draw attention to the problem. So “un-complicated” draws attention to the fact that something is complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. Using “simple” in its place wouldn’t directly evoke the same idea.


The little guide to un-complicated wardrobe heaven

(un-complicated – also known as “simple”)

The little guide to un-messy jewellery box

(also known as “tidy”)

The little guide to un-tiredness

(also known as “alertness”)


9. x. number (something) lessons/tips from a reluctant (person)


Let’s get real, it’s fun to hear a reluctant person have a change or heart or at least learn from something they didn’t like.


3 art-exhibition tips from a reluctant business woman

5 writing tips from a reluctant blogger

7 portrait lighting lessons from a reluctant portrait photographer


BONUS The #1 myth about (something)


For some strange reason we’re entranced by myths. Just look at the success of the show Mythbusters.


The #1 myth about exhibiting your art

The #1 myth about downsizing your wardrobe

The #1 myth about going to bed late