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So, you already know that you need to repurpose your content and maybe you already do (to some extent) but perhaps you run out of ideas, or can’t quite figure out a repurposing schedule to help you get the most mileage out of your core pieces of content.

What are core pieces of content?

Your core pieces of content are those that you put the most time and effort into creating so you can reuse and repurpose it in other content streams. Your core pieces of content might be blog posts, videos, newsletters, or podcasts. You put your most time and energy into creating those so you don’t have to spend hours and hours creating different content for your other content streams.

In this post, we’re going to cover 5 EASY ways to repurpose your core content.

1 Extract quotes and use in images

When you’re writing or recording your core content, be on the lookout for quotes you can reuse. Think – what would make a great Tweet? What would look cool as an image quote on Facebook or Instagram?

2 Cheat sheets or checklists

With your longer form content, you might be able to boil it down into a cheat sheet or checklist. For example – you’re writing a blog post or recording a video on the 10 things you should do before you travel. Can you create a checklist for that?

3 A 2 minute truth-bomb video

Can you distil your longer form written content into a 2 minute video? Say you have a 1000 word blog post. Can you pull out something succinct and put it in a video?

4 Video or audio to blog posts

If your core pieces of content are videos or audios, you might want to think about transforming those videos into written forms. For example create blog posts based on your videos. Or even just provide transcripts for your videos.

5 Social media posts or blog posts in your newsletter

Did you have a Facebook post that totally went off for your audience? Maybe there was an AMAZING discussion in your Facebook group? Why not put that in your newsletter – e.g. a summary if it was a discussion. Or what it prompted you to think about.

You can also put your blog posts in your newsletter. If they’re short-ish blog posts, then don’t be afraid to use all of it. It’s especially great if you can tailor it to your audience rather than simply *copy**paste*. Take that little bit of extra time to make it more personal to them.

There you go! 5 REALLY simple ways to repurpose your content. Some of it will depend on the types of content you’re creating, but I sincerely hope this post at least gave you some ideas for repurposing your content.