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Calling your regular emails to your subscribers a “newsletter” is boring and is unlikely to get your creative juices flowing or get you excited about the next beautiful thing you are going to send out to your list.

Think of those signing up to your list as signing up for an ongoing email product. Craft something special and beautiful for them. Moving away from the drab “newsletter” title will help.

Here’s a quick list of ideas to get you thinking:

  1. Teachings from ____
  2. ____ secrets
  3. ____ strategies
  4. ____ wisdom
  5. ____ notes
  6. The ____ post
  7. ____ tips for ____
  8. ____ insider
  9. ____ resource
  10. ____ helper

What’s an ongoing¬†email product you could create with a gorgeous inspiring title?¬†What would you write about each week/fortnight?