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Totally stumped on newsletter ideas? Here are ten to jump start your brain! I’ve especially picked those that work well for people in creative industries, but really, anyone can use them.

1 Contest or giveaway

Free stuff! Yeah! Are you a maker? This one is pretty much an easy one, especially if you have something small, but neat you can run a competition for. You can even tie it into other platforms such as commenting on an Instagram post.

2 Winners of your contest or giveaway

Okay, this one’s kinda cheating, but you can use your newsletter to announce the winners of your competition.

For example, some businesses ask people to sign up to their newsletters to enter a competition. The winners are then announced through the newsletter.

3 A bulleted list of DIY instructions for your products

Make jewellery? Why not have a short style guide of how to wear your jewellery with a classic little black dress? Or maybe someone has come up with a cool way to use your product? Share it. People LOVE that stuff.

4 Apps or tools you use

Maybe it’s just our need to sticky beak, but there is something nice about knowing what apps or tools our favourite people use. A kind of celebrity endorsement but without the gimmicky, unrealistic commercials.

5 Pictures of your animal friends

Not everyone is an animal person, sure, but do you really want those people on your list? (I’m kidding… sort of.)

Images of our animal friends are a nice personal insight into our worlds as people. It’s a great way to break down that socially enforced barrier of “client” and “seller”.

6 A survey or poll

Opinions on what you should do next. What people love or don’t love about your website. You can even get cheeky and ask people what social media platforms they’re on so you can find out where you can focus some more of your efforts.

You might even have something flippant and fun like your fans fave colours or whether your fans are cat people or dog people.

7 Survey or poll results

Another cheat one, but follow up with your survey results. It’s a great way to give your fan base a quick snapshot of each other, solidifying the sense of community.

8 Exclusive behind the scenes look

A photo collage or a quick video of where or how you work. Can be especially fascinating if you make things or have a very specific work flow. I am minimal. The most I have on my desk is my laptop and a note pad – probably a drink as well. But you might have an amazing production line set up.

9 A resource you created just for your list – e.g. info graphic, video, ebook

It’s a nice gesture of appreciation to the people on your list that you create just for them. It brings them in closer and reminds them that you’re there for them.

10 Fan or customer photos of your products

If you’ve got a physical product, it can be awesome to see your fans sharing images of it on social media or sending them to you. Frank body scrub does this really well on Instagram, so does Sonia Lyne of Dandelyne. Create a little photo collage of some of your faves and send them out.

10 newsletter ideas for creatives