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When you start using MailChimp, there are different content blocks.

Text blocks.
Image blocks.
Image with captions.
And more.

It can be confusing and overwhelming. Do you really need to use them?

It might seem easier to just use a text box and insert images where you’d like them. And you can do this in MailChimp. But here are some reasons why you should use the different content blocks:

Content blocks make your content more responsive

More and more people are reading their emails on their phones or tablets. And the content blocks help to make your content more readable on different sized screens.

Content blocks are individual “chunks” that can be reorganised and resized depending on the size of the screen.

So, if I have an image with a caption on the right-hand side, on a small screen, that will get reorganised so the image is on top and the caption below it. That means that people can still see the image clearly and read the caption. Without these clearly delineated “chunks”, on a mobile the image and the text might end up squished next to each other, making it hard to read.

Content blocks can help you write clearer newsletters

Content blocks help you to break up your information into chunks. Especially if you’ve got several sections. Rather than lumping everything all in one text box, if you have a few different parts, you can think about crafting your message for each of those parts and then seeing how they all fit together.

Button blocks can help you with your Calls To Action

Button blocks are GREAT for calls to action. Even if people have images blocked in their mail client, button blocks will still show. By putting in buttons, you are making it much clearer to your reader what you’re inviting them to do.

There you go! Some excellent reasons to make use of MailChimp’s content blocks.