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One Shots

Level Two (5e)

A Rightful Return

An artefact has been in storage at the Library of Antiquities for some time. Researchers have recently uncovered the possible location of origin for this artefact. You and your team are sent to scout out this location and secure it for a future archaeological team to study.

Who made it? And why? And what is the mysterious artefact for?

Vibes: exploration, pastoral, cute villagers, and repatriation of a stolen artefacts.

Perfect for: queers who love mysteries and hate the British Museum.

Content warnings: Disoreintation, Fantasy violence.


Aquae Aurea

Down on your luck in a big city, you are approached by a wealthy bathhouse owner with a small problem – he can’t open his bathhouse! 

Why? The statue in the front courtyard has been tampered with and attacks anyone who enters. The owner is concerned for the two denizens who reside inside the bathhouse and would like you to check up on them.

Vibes: urban, dungeon, Ancient Rome-esque, cute automaton, dragons 

Perfect for: players who want to exploit the rich and play with an adorable automaton.

Content warnings: Mind control, (potential) drowning, fantasy violence.


The Manual of the Flesh

The Library of Antiquities has heard that a very dangeous magical tome has been sold on the black market. They are eager to get it out of the hands of the public and lock it away in a vault.

The book is said to deal with the arts of necromancy and animation. Your party is sent north to the sleepy fishing town of Mast’s End to try and find the individual who acquired this tome and convince them to give it to you.

Vibes: mystery, campy-horror

Perfect for: players who enjoy trope-y horror and who like to mess with the landed gentry.

Content warnings: Body horror, storms, fantasy violence.


Tomb of Bollerius

You are escorting an enthusiastic young researcher to a potential archeological site that could define his entire career! The tomb is of a fabled warrior from a long-gone civilisation and is said to be located somewhere on Mt Karnatha. 

Finding the tomb is only the first part, as delving into its depths reveals that those who buried Bollerius were keen to keep him safe. But who was he exactly? And what happened to this civilisation?

Vibes: exploration, pastoral, dungeon crawl, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, puzzles.

Perfect for: players who like archaeolgy, puzzles, and historical mysteries! 

Content warnings: heights, (potential) claustrophobia, fantasy violence


Level Five (5e)

The Pelt of the Golden Wolf

Your city is under seige and time is running out – resources are low and many lives have been lost. The Oracle has foreseen one path to victory – acquiring the legendary artefact the Pelt of the Golden Wolf. 

You and your fellow teammates are sent away from the war front in a last-ditch effort to reacquire the pelt from those who stole it. Will you be successful? 

Vibes: Homeric, epic heroes

Perfect for: those who love heavy roleplay and want to be heroes

Content warnings: War, extreme cold, heights, fire, death, fantasy violence