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When your email lands in a person’s inbox, you’d like to pique their curiosity, right? You’d like to be personable, but not in a totally creepy way.

One nice touch is to use the First Name merge tag in the preheader. This is not necessary, but it might be something nice for you to try.

Where’s the “preheader”?

Sorry, I’m tech-babbling!

It’s the bit at the very top of the email. Here’s what the preheader in a draft email campaign in MailChimp might look like:

Filling out the preheader is a good idea as it can often show up as a preview in people’s inbox. Like this in Gmail:


If you don’t fill out the preheader – you might just have “View this email in your browser”, which is not very personal and doesn’t give people much incentive to open it.

How do you put someone’s name in?

In the content editor (where you write your content), click on the “Merge Tags” drop-down menu and select > “First Name”

and MailChimp will drop in the code for you!

Note: this only works if you are collecting people’s first names! If you’re only collecting email addresses, you won’t be able to use this.