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Are you sending out emails with calls to actions that seem to be missing the mark? One reason might be people aren’t quite ready to take that step with you. They don’t feel like they fully know-like-and-trust you.

As someone who cares about each of your subscribers, I know you’re not just here to make them buy. So, let’s talk about making your email newsletters a much more friendly space for engagement. Encouraging people to reply to your emails with their thoughts, ideas, feelings, etc is a great way to help them feel more comfortable with you and to see you as a real person.

The bonus is that the people who take more small, risk-free or low-risk steps are more likely to take action further on. So, encouraging email replies is a great cost effective way to build up your know-like-trust factor.

How do you ask for replies?

Asking for a reply isn’t hard, but there are few things you can do help make your emails much more friendly to reply to. People can get scared about what replying can mean: for example are you going to try and hard-upsell them into something? It’s great to reassure them that’s not your intention.

Ask your reader to reply to something specific, like a question.
Assure your reader that it’s important to you to connect with them.
Let them know you read every reply (and do, of course!)

There you have it. One easy, cost-effective way to start building more of a community from your newsletters.

Have you asked for replies from your email subscribers? How did it go? I’d love to know.