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Internet relationships are real. Connecting with someone over the internet is a connection.

When someone signs up to your list, you’ve been given permission to contact that person. It’s like being given that person’s address. How you treat and respect their space is important.

The Internet is filling up with people sending out junk emails constantly, and some users have resorted to having email addresses that they use only for signing up to services so that their regular inbox doesn’t get cluttered with unwanted mail.

But just because other businesses have that approach to their list, doesn’t mean that’s what you want.

Think about it this way – do you respect your subscriber? Yes? Then show them that by providing interesting and valuable content in your emails.

I don’t know how many times I’ve heard the phrase “there’s money in your list”, but it seriously grosses me out. They are people, not money. It’d be like saying you want to be friends with someone but only ever visit them to ask them to buy something. Pretty soon, they’re going to cotton on to the fact that you’re using them.

So next time you want to send an email, just pause and think: does this person want me to drop by? Is this interesting and valuable information to share with them? Would you discuss it over a cup of tea with them? If yes, you’re good to go. If you’re unsure, maybe wait until you have something valuable to share.