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I know it’s so tempting to put content out as soon as you’ve created it. But how about writing a series of blog posts – maybe aim for 6-12 to carry you through some of your toughest season? So for me, that’s winter.

Create a newsletter “slush-pile”
Create a place to storeWhen summer arrives in Melbourne (which is touch-and-go because Melbourne has… to put it mildly… erratic weather), I’m instantly in a better mood and I’m waaaay more creative.

This past year, I’ve been more mindful of how a wide number of factors can affect my content creation abilities, desires and outputs. And one of the biggest factors I’ve noticed for me is season!

In the depths of winter everything is a struggle. It’s probably a multitude of factors including SAD, and how my depression can get a little worse during those dark, cold months, but I’ve definitely noticed that I have a much quieter time then.

However, the moment there’s a whiff of warm weather, or a scent of summer breezes, my mood and my creativity take a massive up turn and suddenly I’m in creative overdrive.

So this year, I decided to embrace that fact and try to use my summer energy far more wisely.

Do you have a creative season?

Are you more creative when you’re rugged up in a cosy blanket and there’s a winter storm brewing outside? Do you feel creative zaps when you see the colours on the leaves turn?

Do you make the most of that time? The time when you are in your creative power?

If you’re reading this thinking, pfft, what is this Stevie person on about? The seasons don’t affect me – then this post isn’t really for you.

How to harness your creative season

Even if you’re not much of a “batching” or “planning” type person, it’s worth trying to harness the the overflow of creative energy you have in your favourite creative season.

Create that thing you’ve been putting off
Whether it’s that new opt in you’ve been meaning to get to, or even a different product. Harness your seasonal creativity and get it done.

Create a series of blog posts for your slump period
ideas, snippets, bits of text for your newsletters. When you’re in a slump, you can just drag stuff out of your slush-pile.

The options are enormous!

My advice to you is not to let your creative season pass without squeezing something a little extra out of it.

Do you have a creative season? Winter? Spring? Summer? Autumn (Fall)? Let me know which one and why in the comments below!