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If you are going to have one master list with groups, then you will probably want your sign up form to reflect those options.

Here on Crafty Cate’s subscribe form (the Mailchimp hosted one), we can see that her subscribers can choose if they want to stay in the loop about the workshops, jewellery, or both.

mailchimp sign up form

Cate has designed her sign up form with checkboxes so that subscribers can select multiple groups. She might also have chosen radio buttons, if she wanted a subscriber to only sign up to one or the other.

Different opt-ins

Cate has different opt-in gifts for each of her groups.

When someone selects her workshop group – she sends them a series of video tutorials on making personalised gift cards.

When someone selects to the jewellery group – she sends them her ebook style guide filled with fab pictures and suggestions of how to wear her jewellery and what with.


Automation is a paid feature for Mailchimp, but if you are going to be sending out opt in gifts based on groups, it’s the easiest way to accomplish this.

When Cate creates automated campaign for her list, she has the option to send out an automated email whenever someone joins a group.

Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 2.22.54 pm

So, for example, when Hilda signs up for both the workshops and the jewellery, she receives access to the video tutorials and to the style guide.

To accomplish this, Cate sets up two different automated sequences – one for the jewellery style guide and one for the video tutorials.