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Many of us would love to be able to sit down, write a year’s worth of content in an intense period (like a month) and then spend the rest of our time focused on other parts of our business. But for many of us, that’s just not an option.

Whether you struggle to carve out the chunk of time needed or if you like responding to current trends, then doing large batches may not be ideal for you.

But if you’re here, there’s probably something about batching that appeals to you – like the feeling of being on top of things. And when you do have content created and scheduled well in advance, it is an amazing feeling.

So how can you tap into some of that deliciousness?

Introducing… “Microbatching”!

This is really just a fancy name for small batches! And the philosophy behind it is super similar to batching.

You create more than one thing at a time – and while you’re in that flow state, you’re more likely to create quicker (because you’re not switching between tasks) and you can get ahead!

What does Microbatching look like in practice?

It’s not a difficult concept, but it is a powerful one when you put it into practice.

All it is creating more than one thing at a time. But it doesn’t have to be a lot.

It’s writing two (or three) blog posts instead of one. It’s creating two (or three) newsletters instead of one.

It’s writing 5 social media posts instead of just one.

Benefits of Microbatching

1. It gets you thinking ahead.
If you have the tendency to just run with whatever grabs your fancy that week in a blog post or newsletter, microbatching starts to exercise your planning muscles. You start to become more adept at planning stuff.

2. You get into FLOW states
If you’re struggling with content creation and delivery, part of your struggle might be from never reaching a state of flow. This is especially true for writing when it’s something you don’t consider a strength. Most of writing (and by extension content creation) is about just putting your bum on a seat, and writing until it gets easy – until you get to what you’re trying to say.

You can’t just wait around for you “muse” to show up or for “inspiration to strike”, because these things only really happen when you’re actively doing the task at hand.

So, with microbatching, you’re more likely to get a taste for what being in FLOW is like because you’re putting your creative muscles to work for longer. Trust me, when you hit FLOW, you’ll fall in love.

3. Satisfaction
If content creation and delivery is a struggle for you, nothing is quite as satisfying as being ahead of the game – even if it’s just one or two steps!

And hopefully, that feeling will keep you motivated to stay ahead!

There we go, how microbatching can revolutionise your content creation. Do you have any tips for making content creation easier? Let me know in the comments below!