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Elevate Your Podcast with Professional Editing

Are you tired of spending hours editing your podcast?

Let me help you take your podcast to the next level with my professional editing services.

I understand the importance of high-quality audio and streamlined production. I have the skills and expertise to make your podcast sound amazing, without taking up all of your time.

Why Choose My Podcast Editing Services?

  • I have 7+ years of experience in podcast editing, and I’ve helped many clients take their podcast to the next level.
  • I offer a range of podcast services, including audio editing, mixing, and distribution.
  • I’m based in Naarm (Melbourne), Australia, and I’m here to help when you need me.
  • I’m easy to work with, and I’ll work closely with you to ensure that your podcast meets your vision and goals.

Working with Stevie has been a dream for the past 6 years. Quick response, detail-obsessed, high-quality work that’s seen our podcast grow to nearly 4 million downloads now. There’s no way I’d have been able to do this alone. Stevie has played an integral part in that growth and success.

Alexx Stuart

Founder, Low Tox Life

What others say about working with Stevie

From day one of me thinking about starting a podcast, Stevie was leading the way with a great onboarding process, asking me all the right questions to ensure I thought things through and setting things up correctly from the beginning. He handled EVERYTHING to do with my podcast “Leveraged and Loving It” for its entire life (3 years).  From setting up and launching the show, to editing and mixing sound, creating intros and outros, and making sure everything looks and sounds professional.

To be honest, I don’t really know the ins and outs of everything that he did, because I didn’t need to. Stevie was “on it”, which meant I didn’t have to think about it. All I had to do was record the episode, upload it into our shared folder and let him do the rest. There’s no way I could have (or would have) run a weekly podcast for 3 years without him.

I’ve worked with Stevie for over 7 years and many of my clients would often say “I need a Stevie”. It became a catch phrase used over and over again, because he truly is one of a kind and so good at what he does.

If you get the opportunity to work with him, you’ll be absolutely thrilled. Highly recommended.

Renee Hasseldine


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About Stevie

Hi there! I’m Stevie Schafer, a Melbourne-based Podcast Producer with a passion for creating high-quality content. With experience working with clients such as Think RAPT® and Amelia Lee of the Get It Right Podcast, I pride myself on bringing out the best in every project I work on.

When I’m not busy producing top-notch podcasts, you can find me indulging in my love for all things Tabletop Roleplaying Games (think Dungeons and Dragons) or doting on my two feline overlords. And if you ever need to find me, just follow the trail of coffee cups – I run on copious amounts of caffeine!

I’m excited to continue bringing my skills and enthusiasm to every project I work on. Let’s create something amazing together!