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If you’ve ever tried to create a content marketing plan, you may have found yourself a little bit overwhelmed by ALL of the things.

In this post, I’m going to give you a round-up of 3 great resources for content marketing plans that I love, and hopefully you’ll find something that suits you too.

Buffer’s In Depth Guide

If you’re looking for something that’s step-by-step and yet in depth, then I highly recommend this article from Buffer.

This is perfect if you’re looking for something that is super professional and will get you great results. Basically, if you’re in charge of content marketing and reporting to a boss, creating a report like that outlined here will put you in great stead.

Who’s it for:
Those who want (or need) to draw up a BIG. SERIOUS. PLAN.

Who can also use it:
Those who want to steal insights from bigger businesses and implement them in their own.

Read it on Buffer’s blog.

A simplified content marketing plan

Looking for something a little less intimidating? Try this guide from Hubspot.

What I love about Hubspot’s guide is the list of different content types. This will really get your brain juices flowing!

Who’s it for:
The slightly more loose individual who likes a plan, but likes wiggle room to be creative.

Who can also use it:
Anyone who needs their creative juices jogged about the types of content they can create.

Read it on Hubspot

Aligning your goals with your content types

But what content should you be creating?

Over on Hootsuite’s blog, their handy approach to creating a content marketing plan includes some great pointers on aligning your types of contents to your specific business goals.

Who’s it for:
People who want to really nail their goals and their strategies (probably everyone)

Who else can use it:
Anyone wanting a general overview of the types of activities you can put into your content plan.

Read it on Hootsuite.

Go forth, start planning!

I hope this post was helpful in pointing you towards some amazing online resources for creating a content marketing plan. There’s really something for (almost) everyone in the above resources.

Happy planning!